Lucy’s Whey

Lucy’s Whey offers a large, carefully chosen selection of artisan and farmstead cheeses, all made in the United States. Each cheese is unique and presents distinctive flavors that reflect the region and ingenuity of the cheesemaker. In addition to cheese, we carry a variety of complementary foods including jams, marmalades, mustards, chutneys, pickles, honeys, crackers, and dried fruits that have been carefully selected from small producers across the United States.

With locations in New York City and East Hampton, Lucy’s Whey stays busy throughout the year, supplying both communities with cheese, serving delicious grilled cheese sandwiches daily, welcoming visiting cheesemakers for in-store tasting events, hosting cheese classes, and shipping cheese near and far. Visit our online store at to arrange a cheese shipment for you or your friends and family!

The mission of Lucy’s Whey is to showcase quality American cheeses, support the craftspeople and farms who make and grow good food, and educate the public about artisan cheeses.

The cheesemongers at Lucy’s Whey come from a variety of backgrounds, having worked on farms and behind the cheese counter. Our staff is passionate about selling cheese and takes pride in sharing the stories of good food and the people who make it.

Visits to cheesemakers on their farms is what we love most at Lucy’s Whey. Here, we meet them personally, learn about their operations and their dreams, share the excitement of tasting a new cheese, and discuss with them the subtleties, successes, and challenges of cheese making.

Lucy Kazickas, proprietor, opened the original Lucy’s Whey in East Hampton, NY in 2008. Her passion for cheese, good food and hospitality is apparent and in the fall of 2009 she was invited to open a store in Chelsea Market.