Schedule a Group Tour

At Chelsea Market we love tour groups but please follow the below procedure to ensure the best experience possible.

Chelsea Market Tour Policy

• No tour groups will be allowed in the market between the hours of 10am-2pm

• No more than 8 people per pre-assigned tour guide.

• All tours must be registered with Jamestown Properties at least 48 hours in advance.

• The entrance for tours is our 10th Avenue entrance (between 15th and 16th streets.) This is the optimal entrance for tours, as there is less traffic than there is at our other entrances.

• Tour buses are not allowed to park or idle on 9th Avenue in front of the building. This area is reserved as a taxi stand.

• Tour groups cannot assemble in the doorways at the 9th or 10th Avenue entryways. They must assemble outside of the building, regardless of weather.

• Registered tour groups must be conscious of blocking store fronts, elevators, stairways, and pedestrian traffic. Our security team will ask your group to move if you are blocking entryways or walkways.

• Due to the limited number of public restrooms on the main floor, our security team will turn groups away that come into the market only for bathroom use.

• Our security team will have advance notice of all tours taking place in the market. They will work with each group to ensure that all tours run smoothly by enforcing our policies.

To make reservations for any tours please contact Michael Gellis at 212-652-2121 or by email


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